Jill Wootton

name After completing a Social Science degree, Jill started working life in sales and marketing. Within a few years she was directing a team managing international exhibitions and conferences. After retraining Jill worked as a massage then acupuncture therapist, working extensively with people with cancer. She went on to study hypnotherapy with Uncommon Knowledge, after seeing the beneficial effects of hypnosis in her own clients. Using hypnosis and brief therapy she built a busy practice in Cuckfield West Sussex, but was asked to join the two other directors of Uncommon Knowledge as the company's training director. Working with Roger Elliott and Mark Tyrrell, they created one of the most popular hypnotherapy courses in the UK. Over the past nine years Jill has trained over two and a half thousand people. She is a compassionate and effective therapist, whose extensive knowledge continues to help many people get back on track. As a trainer, Jill makes learning fun and easy to absorb. Clear, professional and friendly. She has a unique style that has enabled hundreds of people to become therapists, and many others to make more of their lives then they thought possible. After Uncommon Knowledge relocated to Scotland, Jill founded Within Sight and created a new professional diploma in hypnosis and psychology. Jill has taken the best of practice that succeeded over the years and added extra dimensions to strengthen the therapist and their effectiveness.

Hypnosis: What exactly is it?

24th November 2011
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